Bespoke Chai

We make all natural, low or no sugar chai concentrate made from loose leaf tea and quality spices. 
Elevate your brand and curate your offerings with private labeled and custom chai made by tea experts.

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Perfect for

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Collaborate with us to create a chai program that you love

Private label or co-brand our perfected house recipe

Work with our team to create your own custom flavor

Wholesale or retail to your customers

What makes our chai stand out?

Premium Recipes

  • Brewed and bottled by hand in small batches

  • Tasteful restraint - only 6 grams of cane sugar per serving

  • All-natural quality loose leaf tea

  • Quality whole spices, ground or crushed just before brewing

Ease, Consistency, Versatility

  • Use for a variety of drinks: hot, iced, nitro, or chai cocktails

  • 30 seconds to make a drink - just add hot water or ice and milk

  • Save valuable time spent brewing to-order or making concentrate in-house

  • Shelf stable until opened

  • Consistent quality in every drink

Highly Concentrated

  • 1:7 ratio concentrate helps save valuable space

  • 25 eight fl oz servings per 750 mL bottle


  • Higher concentration means less packaging

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients

  • All packaging is recyclable

  • All spent tea leaves and spices are composted

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You've Got Options

Tier 1: Private label or co-brand our house recipe
This is a great option for elevating your menu and expanding your retail and wholesale offerings.

Tier 2: Private Label or co-brand your own proprietary recipe
Do you already make great chai but need to save time and space? Wholesale and retail your awesome recipe.

Tier 3: Private label or co-brand your custom collaboration with us
Start from the beginning and work with us until we reach chai perfection together!

If you are looking for pricing, more information, or if you're just curious we want to hear from you!

Our Mission

If you serve coffee, then you very likely serve chai. We are here to help you create a chai that you can serve with pride. No artificial ingredients - only loose leaf tea, whole spices, and a tasteful amount of pure cane sugar.  We bring the same level of love, care, and expertise to chai as a quality roaster brings to their coffee curation. We want your chai recipe to compliment your coffee selection and we enjoy working to make this essential menu item as special as the rest of your offerings.