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It's hard to find gifts for friends and relatives around the holidays. PDXFoodLove sought out the best bottles to give and get and included Pearl Soda Company in their 2016 Boozy Gift Guide:

For the cocktail fan or the mocktail fan in your life, these syrups succeed where many fail. They aren’t overly sweet, and they aren’t something you could just whip up at home (Vanilla Rooibos anyone?). These adventurous flavors make for lots of fun cocktails – you’ll never get tired of playing with them!

Thirsty Dudes

With thousands of non-alcoholic drink reviews under their belt, the writers at Thirsty Dudes have tried it all. They prove you can be as passionate about NA drinks as beer nuts are about beer or wine connoisseurs are about wine, and you don't have to be uptight or snobby either! Check out their reviews of our sodas

Now normally the recommended amount of concentrate/flavoring is on the duller side of flavor town, but I mixed it as prescribed and it tasted great right off the bat. I guess I should have stated that these are tea infused flavored syrups. I’ve never tried anything like it before and they are fantastic.

Caffeine Crawl 2016

This year we participated in Portland's Caffeine Crawl along with our sister company, The Jasmine Pearl, who won the cold brew tea competition. Barista magazine caught up with our co-founder Heather to talk about Portland's love of the caffeinated stuff:

Heather Agosta, owner of The Jasmine Pearl and Pearl Soda Co., explains how she sees a lot of similarities between the coffee and tea industries in Portland. ‘Portlanders are either already pretty savvy about their craft beverages, or they are very eager to learn. There is a culture of openness about tea and coffee people in Portland that makes them curious about the stories and the process behind it all.’

PSC On The (Spooky) News

Our tea soda gets a spotlight on the local news! In the video, Richard Bloom and Tra'Renee from ABC's KATU 2 show some fun last minute halloween ideas and explain why this time of year reminds him of our Dancing Dragon tea syrup:

Dark and like a tonic, old fashioned, fabulous root beer flavor...

Sun Rey Radler Collaboration

We collaborated with our friends and across-the-street neighbors at Culmination Brewing to help make their incredible Sun Rey Radler. Radlers are a refreshing German creation that's half beer, half fruit soda, and they're definitely in style. The Portland Mercury called 2016 the Year of the Radler and highlighted the Culmination and Pearl Soda Company Collaboration:

...when owner and brewmaster Tomas Sluiter got hold of their Pearl Soda Company brand Lime Twist syrup made from Green Rooibos blended with lemon myrtle, lime essential oil, and ginger, he and his team made a kettle-soured golden ale to complement the tartness, and then added blackberries and raspberries.

The Oregonian also placed the Sun Rey on their 6 Don't-Miss Beers for the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, which the we went on to win! They had this to say about its creation:

Culmination’s head brewer, Tomas Sluiter, started working on a radler recipe in 2011 after a visit to Piran, Slovenia, where it was hot and all they drank were radlers.

Tomas had been searching for five years to find a soda that matched the quality of taste, ingredients, and execution found in his beers. Funny enough, the right soda was being made right next door! Listen to Culmination Brewing's own Back Bar Podcast episode where they discuss the Radler.